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REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
Price: 1.99$

The perfect tool for your draft and league preparation process! Enter custom league scoring for up to three leagues! Save your notes as you gather info from magazines and sportscasts. Review NFL schedules, player rankings, projected stats, depth charts and bye-weeks. Enter your picks into the Draft Sheets and use the Draft Day Soundboard to make draft day a blast!

What's New:

- 2010 Projected Stats! See how your favorite players are expected to perform broken down into seasonal and per game performances. Jot down the stats and enter them into the calculator. In seconds you'll see how a player will perform in your three separate leagues simultaneously! (Projected Stats via Yahoo! Fantasy Sports)

- We also updated the NFL schedule to give you all the details. Not just who's playing who, but where at, what time and which day. We all know everybody brings their A-game on Sunday & Monday night. Now you'll know who's playing when to help decide who to pick in those later rounds!

- Enter bonus scoring for up to three leagues and quickly evaluate their effects. Bonus scoring can really make the difference between leagues. Now you can test it before the season.

- Enter and evaluate Defensive team scoring.

- Six scratch sheets to enter and save notes. Each sheet can be named so you keep things organized.

- Draft sheets for three leagues. Use this on draft day to enter all your picks!

- Draft Day Soundboard - Full of funny sounds to make draft day a blast!

- NFL Bye-weeks all there for quick reference!

- NFL Depth Charts. We'll keep updating this as the info comes out!

Now, the breakdown:

This app will help you research players and how they'll do in your own leagues. Many times we use magazines or websites with projected stats but the scoring may not match the scoring in the leagues you are playing in. Now you can quickly enter in projected stats and evaluate how a player will perform in your league without getting a headache!

This app is also good for testing out new scoring settings for the upcoming season. Quickly evaluate whether or not changing your scoring is a good idea or not!

During the season you may like to use only one website to search for players, but, you're competing in several leagues hosted on different sites. This app will allow you to enter in the projected stats and evaluate players across three leagues simultaneously so you don't have to guess or switch back and forth.

It's great to have the NFL depth charts, bye-weeks, schedules, and player rankings all in one place. It's all here and it will be updated regularly to keep you informed.

Between now and Draft Day you'll be reading magazines, watching ESPN and talking with friends about strategies and who to draft. We've included scratch sheets for you to enter and save all of that information so when crunch time comes, it's all in one place!

On Draft Day how cool will it be for you to enter your picks into your iPhone or iPod Touch? We included three Draft sheets, one for each of your leagues. The draft sheet allows you to enter your team name and all your picks. It even includes an audible whistle when you need to take a time-out to grab some more brain-food!

Also for Draft Day, we included a Soundboard with funny sounds that will make Draft Day a memorable occasion. Make fun of your friends' picks or applaud the Commish for all his hard work, it's all there with the touch of a button...

By our calculations you're already behind in getting ready for the 2010 Fantasy Football season, so buy the FFC today and get to work!

**** Please note, although this app does contain player rankings & stat projections it does not contain an interactive checklist.
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